A PAINTER’S ANALYSIS OF SELF MELTING OPPOSITES.  Sándor Hartung has appeared in the mid eighties of the last century as an artist of traditional way of painting and graphical creation, in a time of  spreading of serious intentions to dissolve the picture and their coming true, in a time of new and newer artistic media. The painter belonging to the  middle generation of the Hungarian artists – since the end of his studies in the college i.e. two decades, - consequently, without any turnovers  builds his oeuvre. Giving an account about his shorter-longer creative periods, he returns the third time with his individual exhibition to the Gallery ’13 in  Soroksár. His works made in the millenery are traditional oil/canvas compositions, they bound the painter to his classical ideals. Beyond the observance of the  traditional and regular forms and means of painting, his art could be characterized as a figurative style, based on a natural principle. Sándor Hartung,  active in the field of monumental and attendent art on high level too, is related to the tradition of Hungarian masters of diverse and rather weak  surrealism.Having been the father of the Hungarian surrealists, Lajos Vajda - whose oeuvre was so different from the other ones, Dezső Kornis, Endre  Bálint, Imre Ámos, Menyhért Tóth, György Román; in the sixties Tibor Csernus and the surnaturalist and from the seventies on, Aladár Almásy – the star  leading Sándor Hartung can be the two popes of the European surrealism: Salvador Dali and Max Ernst. Captivation the phenomena of the so called  reality beyond reality, processing a dream-vision, diving in psychical depth, erotical heat, all this charasteristics made Sándor Hartung a real successor  and developper of his great predecessors. He is not an artist of automatical surrealistical projection. His visions are consciously balanced compositions of theatrical scenes, (interpreting sometimes concrete performences.) He uses the technics of film-making (montage, cut and so on). He makes it  sometimes incoherently or elaborated, consisting of jam packed in slays. In the world of Hartung pictures, created in a given period, or exhibited together,  one can see an intensive presense of opposite poles resulted by gleaming tenseness of the contents and form, sense and sensuality. These oppositions  are insolvable or solvable in themselves, the picture can be a battlefield of hidden equalization. Reality and dream, features of elementsand persons, -  you can never tell, which is irrational or transcendent?