. Which relation or situation can you understand? Hartung emphasises theway of handling the space. He makes sometimes astonishing effects. The  scenery can be a very rich spinning all vegetation of the nature, and/or architectural frame of life, the actors can be winged angels, or everydays’ heroes  untouchable beauties or unspoiled little children, animal-monsters, or wild animals of good temper. In the background there is however suspicion or fear,  everything and everybody could be swept away by a flood of the bad. An earthquake, the Last Judgement. And without any transition a calme moment  can be followed by the scenes of fear being chased.  The world is split by the oposites and recorded by the painter’s graphical-artistical means.(There are no lings between links . László Lugossy) There are  Hartung paintings rich of colours and monochromes (not only because of the shape), compositions with intim sensation, confessions of the artist, small  ones and of enormous size of fresques. Several works of the painter reduces his picturesque expression of only expected and floating-swimming motives  and an other group of his pictures is organized by compound composition of many details. The precise elaboration has given place to free open handed  style. The works of Sándor Hartung open a broad way to the dualism of great passions, romantical feeling. The sober, objective look at the reality and the  dreams emanate the thurst for the victory of the beauty.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Tibor Wehner